Why you should live in Portugal

Why you should live in Portugal

Should I move to the Algarve, Lisbon or elsewhere in Portugal with Brexit so uncertain? This is the question Brits are asking themselves as they search for a sunnier climate and a secure future.

It’s hardly surprising that many people find moving to Portugal from the UK a very attractive proposition.

With some of Europe’s most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and glorious weather, it might be easy to dismiss Portugal as another popular holiday-hotspot and forget to consider it as a possible home.

REASON 1: Quality of life & Climate

In 2019, the Internations Expat Insider Survey ranked Portugal 1st for quality of life. Expats who took part in the survey spoke particularly highly of the quality of the environment and climate whilst safety and security also scored high with some expats stating that they chose Portugal because it felt especially safe.

The climate is considered to be the best in Europe with hot summers and temperate winters offering relief to residents as well as excellent conditions supporting the natural beauty of the land, flora and fauna.

REASON 2: Lifestyle & People

Many people fail to realise just how sophisticated and culturally developed this special country is. Those that do are often people who have been thinking of moving to Portugal for some time and already know what a stunning place it is…so don’t miss out on your chance. If you’re thinking of emigrating from the UK, retiring abroad or just having a holiday home in the sun, consider Portugal as a very real option. The best known Algarve beaches are just the start of it!

REASON 3: Heritage & Culture

Enjoy a country with one of the greatest heritages worldwide.

Portugal was once a colonial empire and at its height stretched across the globe from the Far East to the Americas. Bringing home many of the colours and flavours from around the world. It was one of the world’s first notable maritime powers and was home to many of the most famous explorers. Did you know “Fernão de Magalhães” was Portuguese?

Today Portugal is a truly cosmopolitan culture which has learnt to live in harmony with people from all around the world.

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